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Saturday, September 14, 2013

SQLite :: How to create Database?

How to create Database?

How to Get All Database Name?


 Above query retrieve all database name with location
Main “ is default  database  name .

 How to Create New Database Name?

Database name same as “Main “but location of database storage we can store different name
Like “Testdb.db

Step 1:

Go to Run

Step 2:
Type CMD
Step 3:

Sync location. Where exe located

My Exe located in C:\Sqlite.exe

Step 4:

C:\>sqlite3.exe Sample.db

 Example Screen below

 .db file store location ? Is it store C:\Sample.db?


How to modify above location?

Step 1:

Go to My computer

Step 2:

Right Click èProperty

Step 3:

Advanced System Settings
Step 4:

Environment variables

Step 5:



Whenever open New Sqlite window execute below query

C:\>sqlite3.exe Sample.db



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